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Course Curriculum

Why Python? Installing Python. Jupyter/IPython Notebook. Canopy/Anaconda/Spider
1. Why Python? 00:00:00
2. Installing Python 00:00:00
3. Jupyter/IPython Notebook 00:00:00
4. Canopy/Anaconda/Spider 00:00:00
Data Types and Operators. Input/Оutput. Files (csv, xml, json)
1. Data Types and Operators 00:00:00
2. Floating Point Arithmetic 00:00:00
3. Input/Оutput 00:00:00
4. Working with Files (csv, xml, json) 00:00:00
Control Flow
Coding with Style (PEP8)
Functions. Modules. Packages
Pseudorandom Generators
Programming Statistical Methods
Manipulating Strings. Formatting
Regular Expressions
Object Oriented Programming (Classes, Errors and Exception, Multithreading)
NumPy (Arrays, Tables Manipulations, Matrix Operations, Statistical Methods)
Data Manipulation and Cleaning
Tuples. Dictionaries. Sets
Panda (Series; Data Frames) (Handling Missing Data; Reshaping; Data Alignment; Time-series)
SciPy Statistics
Social Graphs
Data Management (HDF, SQLAlchemy, PyMongo)
Developing Applications (PyQt)
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